Joanie Dark writes original work at a contracted rate of $1.00/50 words. Any overage on the author’s discretion for artistic value is free. As an example of pricing:

2000 words = $40.00
2050 words = $41.00
2025 words = $41.00

Dark writes 3000 words when contracted for 2000 = $41.00
Commissioner requests 3000 words when contract states 2000 = $60.00

Joanie Dark reserves the right to publish commissioned work either for free online publication or for resale, at xyr discretion. Commissioners reserve the right to be credited or remain anonymous.

Joanie Dark will consider fiction, nonfiction, and transformative work contracts. For erotic work, a list of topics xe is willing to consider is available on F-list.


* $10 off 2k+ Femslash
* 30% off original erotica with F/F monstergirl pairings

Sales can be stacked!