Mycota (and more)

News! For the first time in a long time!

Your lovely author has been on a very long writing hiatus; however, I’m proud to announce that work has begun on the first volume of Needle Teeth. While the final anthology will be six or seven stories long and I plan on releasing individual stories in batches of three, I’ll likely be putting up a sample of “Mycota” as soon as it’s finished for a free download. If you’re into a dash of suspense and horror in your monsterotica, you’ll enjoy Mycota!

In addition, I’d like to mention that Venus Wilderness Park is still a project I plan on working on, though I’ve scrapped what I had created so far in order to start over and produce a more cohesive full game where all the plotlines connect together well and make an overall story beyond just your average waifu simulator. More updates on that likely won’t happen until after the release of Needle Teeth vol. 1.

Additionally, I’ve created another nonfiction travel blog where I’ll be writing about trips I’m taking, plus tips/documents/reviews/etc. There won’t be too much there til after a family cruise in December, but feel free to bookmark Snakey Travels for future updates.

Good to be writing, darklings! Hope to have fun things for you soon!


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